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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

Stories !
Feelings of being watched throughout the house, there are reports of
a smell of pipe tobacco in the office area , A man dressed in a Civil War
uniform smoking on the landing of the stairs has been seen. The office,
stairway landing, kitchen and upstairs bathroom seem to be the most active
areas in the house. The staff also report that they have seen a person bent
down in front of the fireplace in the kitchen. As soon as the door opens, it hides.

Here is what A staff member had to say: Misty images or shapes, shadow
people have been seen, feelings of fear or dread , feelings of being watched
or not being alone, voices heard, sensations of being touched,footsteps heard in
the area, smells of pipe tobacco, cold spots on stairway and hall entry,
breezes felt around them on the stairway.unexplainable voices, footsteps, doors
shutting, etc.

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