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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

Our Findings!
We did at one point smell the pipe tobacco. In the kitchen I saw
something move and no one was in the area at the time. One member
did feel as if they were being touched. There was a feeling of being
watched as if something was wondering what we were up to.

In the kitchen i did hear a voice say SARA as we were doing evps,
that was the only evp we got. We did get a few photos where a mist
shows up in them. One photo just amazed us was a photo investigator
Mike took out side on the side porch. Mike and I were the only ones
on the porch at the time, Mike took a photo into the dinning room.
He was right up on the window I was about 10 feet away to his right.
When we looked at this photo there was the shadow of two people in
the window behind him on the porch.

We did not hear any foot steps or doors opening and closeing. Nothing
paranormal showed up on any of the video cameras.

I cant say how haunted this place is, but from what we collected in evidence.
I would say there is a lot of paranormal activity going on in this house.

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