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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

The Villisca Axe murder house in Iowa

Villisca Axe murder stories

1.THE Closet Door in the children's room moves on its own.
2.Children talking
3.Son paul plays with the balls in the kids room up stairs.
4.Foot steps, whistling coming from upstairs
5.Believed to be haunted by the family that was murdered there.
6.Doors slam

Our findings
Location: The Villisca Axe Murder House/Olson Linn Museum

323 E 4th Street, Villisca, Iowa 50864

Investigators on Scene:

Attendees on Scene:
1 curator from The Villisca Axe Murder House/Olson Linn Museum.

During the course of the investigation we experienced no high emf readings or
cold spots.Nothing abnormal was taken with the digital cameras or on our 7 night vision cams
or Sony night shot hand held cam. We did get quite a few EVPs.

During our tour of the house, our guide took them upstairs they thought they seen Gail ahead
of them. To our surprise she was outside.

At one point around 1:30 am I was sitting in the parlor room, heard a noise in the bedroom as
I went to investigate the noise the kitchen door closed. I thought one of my team came in so
i went to look no one was there, they were still in the barn. They said they watched it close
by its self.

I will have to say this is the only place I could not just set back close my eyes and feel
comfortable for more than a minute or two.

John Harris

J.B. Moore House AKA Villisca Axe Murder House

At my first glimpse of the house, it seemed like all the others in the neighborhood. After
touring it, I was impressed by the detail of the historical restoration of the place. Nothing was
overlooked. The electricity and plumbing had even been removed. A calendar on the wall was the
month of the murders. Actual calendar from that year. At this point in our investigation I had no
problem being in the house. Our tour guide was very informed on the history of the house. I enjoyed
learning from her. At one point I was outside and Chel and John saw me go upstairs! Chel and our
tour guide followed ďmeĒ up! Now on to the actual investigation.

There were just the four of us since Tammy and Dennis couldnít make it. Set up went okay
considering Mike, Chel and I did it! I still had no problem being in the house. Once everything was
up and running,we blew out all of the lanterns. I think we set up 7 cameras and we had two
audio recorders going. One in the blue room downstairs and one in the master bedroom. Once
the house was dark, I could not make myself go upstairs. We have done a lot of investigations,
but that upstairs actually scared me. I donít know why. Nothing had happened so far. I never did go back up there for the remainder of the investigation.

Mike and I had experiences in the parlor. He saw a figure of a man. We both heard a bang. We were
the only ones in the house. We were joined by John and we began asking questions. It seemed to spark some activity when I asked why the killer had done this. John told me to continue provoking that way. We heard movement.

The most fascinating part of the night was when John was alone in the house and the door shut. He thought we had done it! Mike and I joined him and John started asking questions. We got some good evpís during this on review of our audio. It seems to be responses to our questions. On review of the upstairs audio, we found a few evpís. No one was up there at the time. We are all accounted for either outside or downstairs. We picked up the sound of a rocking chair or a bed squeaking.

After the investigation, I can say without a doubt in ďmyĒ mind that the house is haunted. Mike and I feel that the family is still there. We also feel that the killer or killers are there, maybe in a residual way, because of the fear I felt for the upstairs. We canít wait to go again. The next visit will be even more productive since I feel we know a little more about what is going on there.