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History into the Scientific Realm of Residual Haunting.

What is a Residual Haunting?
by Dave Juliano

Do you see the same apparition doing the same things all the time?
Do you hear the same noises, possibly at the same time of day,each
time they are heard? Does that ghost seem to not even realize that
you are there?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you may be witnessing what is
known as a residual haunting. Some of the most famous hauntings
appear to be residual ones.A residual haunting is a playback of a
past event. The apparitions involved are not spirits, they are
"recordings" of the event. I believe that this will be the first
type of haunting that main stream researchers will recognize and
study. There are numerous theories on how these residual hauntings
come to be. The main one will be discussed here.

Video and audio tapes capture sounds and images on a film of
special material that has been oxidized or rusted. Certain
building materials, such as slate used in older castles and stone
structures and iron nails used in many older buildings, have
properties similar to that of the tapes. When a traumatic event
occurs or a time of heightened emotions, these materials record
the event for future playback. Everything is made up of energy and
energy cannot be destroyed. The materials store the energy created
by these traumatic events and plays them back at a later time.

The Tower of London's ghost of Anne Boleyn and the Brown Lady of
Raynham Hall are two famous examples of residual hauntings. We
are not sure what causes the playback of the events, that still
remains a mystery.

Is it the right weather conditions, the witness's energy or
sensitivity or some type of energy release? That is the question
that we as researchers are trying to answer.

As I said, in a residual haunting, there is no spirit involved.
This type of event is not dangerous at all so if you ever have the
chance to witness one, do so without fear and enjoy it. This type
of haunting has to be considered when investigating a haunting.
When my group goes to a haunted location, we spend the first hour
split into two teams. One team maps out the area, noting any EMF
readings and Temperature readings so we have guidelines to judge
other readings by. We also make note of how the building is
constructed and set up. The other team is conducting interviews
with witnesses. The questions are setup to find out if the activity
sounds like a spirit, poltergeist, residual haunting, etc. If we
feel the activity is a residual haunting we will set up a stakeout
in the location the ghost is often seen or heard.

This is the best way to observe and possibly capture evidence of
the event. It may take many return trips and hours of sitting there
staring at nothing. It is very tedious but if it something occurs,
you will forget very quickly about all the time you sat waiting for
it to happen.

Residual Ghosts or Residual Images, as they are also known, are a
recurrent type of visual manifestation of a deceased human or
animal. theory where what is seen is very much like a recorded
image of a formerly living creature imprinted in the atmosphere of
a certain location.

In these events the residual image is usually seen performing a
task in a ritual fashion, either unaware or unconcerned that they
are being viewed. In most cases there is little, if any interaction
between the two participants.A residual image is conceived in
repeated actions and high emotion.

Persons who routinely exhibit stress and anxiety of almost any
type, and do this in a certain location are prime candidates for
becoming a residual image. The compulsory nature of the actions
themselves will dictate the nature of the residual haunting.We have
no definitive answer on what residual ghosts are composed of.

What we are able to do is offer up some educated theories based
on known science. Charged Ion ParticlesInductive Fields Resonance
Electromagnetic Fields.

It is a rare set of circumstances and a combination of conditions
that allow a residual haunting to manifest. Using literature and
science as a basis we can start to form a general outline of what
type of conditions make it prime for a residual manifestation.

Geology and natural rock formations play a crucial role in the
initial formation of a residual image.

Building Composition-
Construction and building materials, such as bricks and stone
contribute to the ability of an image to imprint itself. For
example Flagstone is one of the single most common building
materials used today is a sedimentary rock and has a mixed variety
of aspects that make it up.

*Siliceous -
Quartz, and containing at least 25% and as much as a third of the
feldspar mineral group, the matrix may be of quartz , calcitic or
ferruginous cementing minerals with other accessory minerals.

Atmospheric Conditions-
Weather may play a role in the initial formation and replaying of
residual images.

Participant Receptivity is the final condition that must be met.
To examine ghosts we must initiate the exam. Ghosts may indeed lend
themselves to being experienced but the duty remains to a human
observer/participant to attempt to record and analyze these
matters. That mindset may be the deciding factor on whether or not
you obtain the proof you are after by dictating when and how it is
obtained. This may seem convoluted but its an elementary concept.To
figure out what ghosts are someone must attempt to examine
them, to do this you must open your mind to things that are outside of the
realm of what science considers normal.

You might ask, embedded in what? This is a subject that has caused
controversy in the past and will cause more in the future until a
definitive answer is found. The substance the energy is “embedded”
in is matter. You see each and ever physical object of matter is
made up of energy. This energy is arranged and bonded differently
for each structure, giving it more or less rigidity, pliability, or

Granting that as fact, each time any object comes in
contact with another there is an exchange of energy on a
microscopic (quantum) level. Depending on the level of “excitement”
will determine how much energy is present to be exchanged. Over a
period of time; months, years, decades…the constant exchange of
energy will leave an imprint on an object or in a particular
time/space locale.

No one really knows for sure but there have been lots of
suggestions. Some believe that the building materials of the
structure may absorb the energy. In England and Europe, some have
suggested that the porous stones of the castle walls may soak up
that energy and that may explain why there are so many haunted old
buildings there.

This might be the case.... even though it would not explain why we
have residual haunts in America without the castles. Still, we
should remember that many of these residual hauntings do occur in
older structures, so there might be something to this idea.
Personally, it is more likely that the number of people passing
through old homes, and the tapestry of history played out in them,
are the main reasons why these "hauntings" come into existence.

Physics says that the earth has rocks that take impressions of what
has gone before. And there is also the vibrations that sing
back...almost like recording devices.

Theory regarding stone.
First, the idea that some ghost sightings are caused by what is
called an "atmospheric photograph" has been around for probably a
century and has gained wide acceptance. The idea of atmospheric
photographs is that, through some natural process we don't yet
understand, under certain circumstances an audio and/or video
record of an event can be recorded on the atmosphere, or possibly
on the physical objects in the area. This is a theory that could
well explain some (but not all) ghost sightings, specifically those
in which the ghosts repeat the same actions over and over and show
no awareness of their present surroundings.

Some believe that stone makes an exceptional medium for these
recordings, and that this is why so many hauntings are reported in
stone buildings. In his book Haunted Britain, Marc Alexander
devotes a chapter to this very idea.

Buildings and land can absorb emotional life energy from the beings
that live there, and when atmospheric conditions are right, those
energies can be re-released, causing all sorts of strange
phenomena. You may see apparitions, hear voices, music, or
footsteps. by Wendy Betterini

The Residual Haunting is the most common. It's much more common
than most people think. Residual Hauntings or Hauntings in Time
suggests that spirits duplicate an action continuously, never
varying, similiar to playing a video segment repeatedly because
fragmented energy is imprinted in the surrounding area. . It is
not consistent with scientific principles pertaining to light or

Here is another theory. The concept of a space time event anomaly.
First, I will explain what I mean by a space time event.
Consider a time line running from left to right representing our
time in the past on the left to the future on the right. We may
represent each event in our lives as a single space time event. If
a space time event is of significant emotional impact such as a
traumatic death, so that the space time event becomes frozen in
time, the event will replay itself repeatedly unitl it becomes

Why would this event become frozen in time? We know that when a
person dies, the intelligence, the emotions, the attitudes
developed during the mortal life remains with the spirit after
death of the physical body. The spirit still has the emotional
impact of the event that took is or her life. The strong emotional
feelings are a form of energy embedded within the spirit.

We have all seen people who have gone through a bad divorce and
ended up very bitter and angry. The person will hold onto the
bitterness and anger for many years. Their disposition is very
negative and filled with hatred toward their spouse and sometimes
even the opposite sex in general. What finally allows them to shed
this emotional baggage? Acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go of
a negative occurrence that allows a person to once again be open to
new, positive energies of love that can deplete the former negative
energy derived from a space time event.

The spirit becomes trapped in this terrible emotional whirlpool
that continuously goes around and around, never ending, that we
call a residual haunting.Another suggestion though, in which
residual hauntings might be related to underground water sources.

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