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Ravenswood Mansion Investigation, 8-18-07 Booneville MO.
Ravenswood Stories

Floating lights have been seen and music heard outside on the
grounds, and a large music box in the upstairs hall is said to
turn itself on late at night. Also loud crashing sounds have been
heard that can last over 15 minutes. The ghost may be that of
Nadine who lived to the age of 90 here, or the son Nelson who was
crushed to death by a car that slipped out of gear and pushed him
into the iron gate.

The music box story is well-known throughout the community and is
documented by several sources. It is said that ghost of Nadine
Nelson Leonard, the daughter of James M. Nelson and Margaret Wyan,
haunts Ravenswood.

ďI donít believe in ghosts and I donít go around looking for them,Ē
said Leonard.

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