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Ravenswood Investigation, 8-18-07 Booneville MO.
Founder Statement

I just can't believe what some people will write.David Taylor
wrote up a article on Ravenswood that made me wonder if he has
any idea of what he wrote.

First off Ravenswood is located on a HWY 5, 9 miles south of

He states (As far as I can tell, no one has done anything
to the interior of the house since this gentleman's grandfather
expanded in 1906.)
There has been work done on this house or it
would be totally falling apart, and it's not.

He states (But I must say, the house is not really a museum.) Now
let me tell you this place is a museum. It has all the original
furniture, carpet, drapes and some of the items in this house date
back as far as 1790.

He states (I cannot imagine any young relatives, whose photos
the owner has incongruously stuck here and there, wishing to live
in this slowly decaying house in the middle of nowhere. Quite
the contrary. Once they inherit it, maybe they will auction the
contents or just give them away for a tax write-off.)
In fact
Charles and his son Jamie have taken on the responsibility of the
house,and have done a great job.

David then goes on to post (Note Added, 2003 It has been six
years since I wrote the text at left. One of Ravenswood's
neighbors has e-mailed me that the elderly gentleman has passed on.
And exactly as I predicted, the heirs have abandoned the house
and it is falling into ruin.)
Quite strange that on 8/18/2007 it
was still there and in great shape for how old it is and trying
to keep it as it was to begin with.

I have no idea why he would write these things.He has failed to
return my e-mails.

By John Harris

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