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Ravenswood Investigation,8-18-07 Booneville MO.
Ravenswood Findings

Dennis: I did not experience anything but the house was a
time capsule of a bye gone era.

Tammy: I did the tour with the guide and got a sense that it was
a house of almost like stepping back to a different time. our group
that included Michele and myself, we went to the second floor and
went in the north room that where one of the family members had died.

We then decided to sit on the floor and use a pendulum and see if we
could get any responses. As we started to ask questions the pendulum
started to respond to our questions. during this at one point the
pendulum started to vibrate on the end of it's chain. I then turned
it over to Michele and she started getting the same responses.

This was the room also that I got the felling that some one was
always watching you as you moved around it. In summery I found the
home to be a very interesting place and a place that might deserve a
second round of investigation.

Dennis & Tammy Woods

Ravenswood was built by Charles E Leonard in 1880 and it is
still owned by the Leonard family today. How wonderful is it
to have a family open their doors to share the beautiful furniture
and items in mint condition inside this stately home. Having
the opportunity to investigate this home was a treat in itself.
The evening was quite warm, humidity high, with the occasional
sprinkle. From the time we walked into the front door we never
felt unwelcome. We were first taken on a tour to show us each of
the rooms, all with original furnishings. This gave us the
opportunity to take pictures and hear about the history of the items
and also where some of the paranormal activity had been experienced.

One of the rooms of interest was where Nadine Nelson, Charles Leonardís
wife had passed away in. For 5 days following her death, the family
was unable to get into her room as it had been locked from the inside.
Another room was the breakfast nook. Here is where the sounds of things
crashing and falling but when it was checked, nothing was out of place.
Letís not forget the music box that has been known to play a tune
without being wound up, this is located in the hall just outside of
the master bedroom. One thing we noticed, and that is how all the
portraits on the walls around the home, their eyes seem to follow you,
it wasnít a creepy feeling, just made us smile.

After getting set up, we finally got the chance to spend approximately
20 minutes in each room, cameras, camcorders, and recorders in hand
all ready to catch any paranormal activity that may be there. We went
with small groups of two or three people taking different parts of
the house. We were quite comfortable being there, with no uneasy
feelings. We took many pictures, used our recorders, and filmed in
each room. Besides the rooms we were told of activity we also checked
out the study, nursery, master bedroom, guest room, parlour, and music
room. Unfortunately, none of what others had experienced before
happened to us.

We continued to talk to them, hoping that we might be able to hear
or see them but it never happened. It never happened to us personally
however we managed to pick up some EVPís. Some were responses to our
questions or requests and some were made without any input from us.
Although we havenít gone through all the evidence at this time, and
although we didnít experience anything ourselves, we have to say, that
the possibility of paranormal activity is there. Maybe we can arrange
another investigation some time in the future. Weíd like to thank the
Leonard family for allowing our group to do this investigation, whether
the home has activity or not, you have a beautiful home and we truly
enjoyed our time there.

Sandy and Dave

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