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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana

The daughter of the plantation owner fell down the stairs and had to have her leg
amputated when she was injured from her hoped skirt. When walking on the stairs
witnesses have reported a pinch in their leg where the girl was hurt. The ghost of
the wife of the plantation owner can be seen riding her horse through the long alley
of oak trees in the front of the house looking for her husband.

The ghost of the owner, Louise Roman is said to still haunt her home. Her apparition
has been seen in the master bedroom, brushing her long hair. A visitor took a
picture in 1987 that apperently shows her image in the bedroom.

During the filming of many movies at this location near the Mississippi River spirit
figures are said to have appeared on the film. One ghostly tale stated by
a Stagehand that during the filming of Interview with the Vampire, that several
actors, stage hands and extras witnessed during a scene a young man falling from one of the mighty oaks to hit the ground with a loud thud. They ran to
spot and it was empty of course, it was a long dead ghost, and said, by many
to have been caught this ghost on film.

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