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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

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It's said that people report feeling uneasy and objects have been
said to move inside. feelings of extreme panic and confusion while
standing at or near the pump next to the house. The smell gunpowder
on the battlefield.Feeling of being touched.

Just wanted to share these with everyone. I've been
out here many times and have had many encounters. I've never taken
the tour of the house (although I do plan to do so in the near future)
but I have spent much time walking around the battlefield.

Some of the things that have happened are...feelings of extreme
panic and confusion while standing at or near the pump next to the
house. My heart would race and I'd feel like I was trapped and didn't
know what to do. Feeling very claustrophobic as I stood on the front
porch and the feeling didn't go away until I had stepped off of the
porch itself completely. I've smelled gunpowder on the battlefield in
an area that I found out later had been a cannon position. My
cousin's husband has heard drumming while wandering around the
grounds. Once, my husband and I were having a snack out on the
battlefield and I was drinking a cream soda. I heard a voice say
"What's that? What are you drinking ?" It was very fast and kind of
jumbled together. I blurted out "It's cream soda, here, have some"
and I poured a bit on the ground. My husband looked at me like I
was nuts so I told him what I had heard..he hadn't heard anything.
Well, after a little research we found out that the Union Army had
run out of water and some were dying and begging of thirst for it in
the trenches at the end of the battle.
Hmmm... Every time I've been there I've always felt like I'm not
alone. There areareas where I feel as if someone were creeping along
with me out of curiosity more than anything else. This place never
fails to get the hair up on my neck at least once while I'm there :)

When I was a young girl my step dad used to be the boss of the
battlefield. They paid for us to live in the house right in front of the
Anderson house, it looks very similar. My back yard was the parking
lot where you park to see the Anderson house. I was so scared of that
place, I would think I could see stuff in the windows. I was just a kid
so I could of been imaging things, but to this days I have nightmares
of being chased in the battle field, then I fly away. Its a very creepy
place. We only lived there for 2 years because my mom wanted to leave

I went on a tour of the Anderson House about 4 years ago. I went
with the knowledge of the possibility of hauntings. I was actually
hoping to see something on the many photos I took but saw nothing.
I did however feel an it almost desperation to get down
the stairs from the second floor as quickly as possible. I still
remember that feeling to this day. I do however plan on visiting the
house once again. Probably this summer. I will pay more attention
to what I feel and relay that to you if you wish, Thanks,
Jeff W.

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