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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

1859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum

I myself thought it was a very interesting place. I did not see
very much of the place during the investigation, as I was posted
at the video monitors. It seemed very uneventful for myself until
about an hour and a half in to the investigation. Three of the VCRs
that were running started turning on and off by them self, this
happened 3 times in a 10 minute time span. I checked all the wires
to make sure they were all the way plugged in and they were.

As far as photos ,video and EVPs, I will say we did come away with
some evidence that can not be explained away as natural events.We
tried everything possible to debunk them.I would definitely say
something paranormal is going on there.If the chance come up again
we are ready to go again.

If you are ever in the Independence area the 1859 jail is a must
see.Hours and tour prices our listed on our main page for the jail,
under the heading Jail info at the bottom of the page.

JOHN HARRIS. Founder of S.P.R.G.

The Independence jail is a great piece of history. On entering
the jail, I was surprised at how everything was so authentic.

I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, at first! When we started the
investigation The downstairs cells became an eerie place. I didn't
have any experiences, but felt as if I could at any moment. I was
most uncomfortable near the upstairs cells. Still no experiences.

After careful review of the evidence captured, I believe the
Independence jail is active. I think there is one not so nice
spirit. The rest seem benevolent.

Thanks to the staff of The Independence Jail for letting us
investigate. A special thanks to John who told of us his experiences.

Gail= Investigator/Office manager

I thought it was fairly uneventful during the investigation, other
than when Mike and I thought we heard someone running upstairs. It
is definately a very interesting old building. And if given the
chance I would love to go up there again.

As far as the video that was taken there it definately leaves me
with a lot of questions. I know it was not a person casting a
shadow in the bedroom or the parlor, so what was it? A ghost? a
shadow person? I don't know what caused it but I know what didnt.
With the evidence we have collected I would definately say
something paranormal is going on there.

-- Kirby Jordan-Investigator/equipment setup

Our S.P.R.G. investigation of the old 1859 Independence Jail was my
first visit there. I was truly impressed at the care that had been
taken to preserve the building and its contents. Our group strives
to maintain professionalism and have the utmost respect for the
building and history that we were allowed to investigate and share
with others.

I personally did not know much of the history or stories that
pertained to the jail before the investigation. I believe that it
is best to learn details of the stories after the investigation, to
ensure that the investigator does not falsely perceive what may be
a normal occurrence. As I walked throughout the building, making my
way from room to room, I cannot claim to have seen anything that
could have been considered paranormal. Stepping into the north
bedroom, I had a sudden feeling of being watched. My digital
recorder did pick up heavy breathing and EVP’s from an unknown
source, but I wished I was able to obtain something more convincing
in a photograph.

I had also made my way downstairs to the jail cells. Sitting in
cell #1, I did not encounter any negative feelings. I did
experience a strong smell of urine. I’m pretty sure that can be
explained by the cells being made up of limestone, and the number
of people that occupied those cells over the years. Add in a
mixture of the musty odor that comes with aged buildings, it’s not
a pleasant aroma. I only caught more of the unknown heavy breathing
on EVP there.

Being someone who does not spook easily, when something out of
the norm occurs, I do all that I can to rationalize whatever
occurrence I may be witnessing. Sometimes to the extent of
“explaining it away”, until more evidence is uncovered proving my
assumption wrong. More than one source of evidence can prove to be
crucial. This is just the case in my experience in this investigation.

There were three of us in our subgroup that had gone upstairs to
begin our investigation. We had started with the north bedroom, and
then made our way to the master bedroom. While in the master
bedroom, I walked to the area between the closet and the bed. I
stood there briefly then sat down on the floor. Not long after I
sat down, I began to feel light touches on my hands and wrists.
Each touch was brief. It was a tingly feeling, almost like a
tickle. I felt this for a few seconds, then asked the other members
present if they had heard or seen a fly in the room. One mentioned
that she heard one in the north bedroom. So I then “explained away
” the experience as being a fly even though I never heard one or saw
one in the room. I continued to feel these light touches for a few
minutes more.

John has produced a video of that time that we were present in the
master bedroom. After seeing the video of the shadow in front of
the dresser and referring back to what I was experiencing at that
time, proves the importance of having more evidence, even for the

I enjoyed my visit to the 1859 Independence Jail. I hope that in
the future, we are able to return and further our investigation.
In my experience here, I have learned more than I expected. I hope
that the evidence that was captured during our investigation proves
to be helpful to those seeking answers to the many questions
regarding the afterlife.


On the stair case at the bottom I got the impression of a lady in a
long gray colored dress like worn in the 1800 when Dennis and Mike
were getting readings on the emf meters. The childs room up stair
that is the first small room I felt as if some one was there
watching you and I did not like going in it. While Gail ,Gaye and I
were in the cells down stairs in the secound cell on the east side
of the cells I had a cool light breeze like someone blew on my left
arm twice and Gail and Gaye checked with the themometors and got a
cooler reading behind me than infront of me.

Tamara= Investigator
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