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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

Bolivar Cemetery Stories!

Dark shadowy figures have been reported inside and around the cemetery.

Reports have also stated that crying, laughter and eerie sounds can be heard
throughout the surrounding forests. One local resident of Karlin and a
friend claimed that a dark figure would appear in her yard at approx. 2 am
knocking things over and going through her trash. Her dogs would usually
get riled up and bark at it for about an hour every night. One dog was
apparently kicked or attacked by it, because it was heard being struck and a
sharp yelp, then the following day the dog seemed to limp a bit and was
afraid of its owners. Afterwards, it did not appear as often. The phenomena
went on for over half a year, but as soon as it started getting cold things
suddenly stopped.

Sightings collected by Jennifer
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