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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

Private Home Investigation in Nixa Mo.
Turn your speakers up on a few of these

1. Amity asks are you here to protect the house? Then you can hear, "YES."

2. You can hear (HELP ME)

3. Michele asks are you here to protect somebody? Then you can hear "ANGIE."

4. The group is talking then you can hear something say (HER NAME)and something right after it, but you can't make out what it is saying.

5. The owner of the house asks can you tell us your name then you can hear it mocking her name. (ANGIE)

6. Angie's child asks if it is related to Angie and it says, "YES."

7. Angie asks if they know she touched the red book? They answer, "YES."

8.In the middle of this clip you can hear a child's voice call, "ANGIE."

9. You can't really make this out but it sounds like, "ANIMAL," and something right before it.

10. Michele asks does any one want to talk to us? At the end it sounds like, "MUST TALK BACK."

11. Mike asks about the couch Alex asks about the room? Then you hear, "NO, GET GET OFF."

12. Gail asks can you tell us why your here? Then you can hear, "IM NOT THAT HAPPY."

13. Michele asks are you trying to get to know the children? Then you hear, "YES THE CHILDREN"

14. Angie asks is there something I can help you with? Then you hear the word, "NOTHING."

15. Gail asks are you the cold that Angie feels? Then you hear, "THAT'S ME."

16. "HELP ME."

17. No clue what this one is saying, but the last part sounds like the name JAMES.

18. You can hear the name (RUSS) being said.

19. Gail asks are you here because of Angie or her husband? Then you can hear, "YES"