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Springfield Paranormal Research Group

For years we've heard the rumors about the Albino farm.

1. The large tract was a home for an all albino family.

2. It was a farm where an albino caretaker watched over sisters
who never married and stayed on to tend the large farm.

3. Here's the most preposterous one--hidden deep in the middle
of the farm was a makeshift "hospital" where an insane physician
conducted experiments on albinos.

4. This farm was owned by nuns and the groundskeeper was a mentally
retarded Albino man.

5. A bunch of albinos died and were buried in their family cemetery,
They haunt any non albino who trespasses onto the property.

6. They hired an albino caretaker. The albino decided to butcher the owner and family.

7. An albino caretaker grew so possessive of the then elderly remaining Sheedys
that "he turned away visitors at gunpoint" and was also blamed for two "hatchet
murders" done at a nearby iron bridge. Now, don't you think if anything like
that had happened, local law enforcement
would have documented it.

There are many more versions of these tales.
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