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Paranormal Definitions.

Amorphous- Having no definite form or shape. Spirits often appear in
mist-like forms.

Apparition - A supernatural manifestation of the soul of a deceased
human or animal. Better known as a ghost.

Apport- Arrival of objects, either animate or inanimate during a séance
or a haunting. Apports are sometimes made of teeth, hair, feces or vomit
of either an animal or human.

Asport- Disappearance of objects that reappear else where.

Astral Projection- When the spirit travels outside of the body either
to the astral plane or another location on this plane. Also known as
Out of Body Experience (OBE).

Aura- An emanation of energy, which surrounds all living things. Many
with psychic abilities are able to see and interpret this energy. Can
be viewed through the use of Kirlian photography.

Automatic Writing- Phenomena in which people write without conscious
thought. Many feel that it is spirits writing through the body of a
living person. Parapsychologists feel that the phenomena are due to

Benign Spirit- A spirit that is not evil or harmful to man. Angels and
spirit guides fall into this category as would spirits of loved ones
that come back to tell us something. Elementals are benign spirits.

Black Magic- Magic used for evil often with the intent of injuring or
killing someone. It may also be done for the personal gain of the

Channeling- The process by which a medium can communicate information
from non-physical beings, such as spirits, deities, demons or aliens
through entering a state of trance or some other form of altered

Clairaudient- Psychic ability to hear sounds or voices inaudible to
the normal ear.

Clairsentient- Psychic ability to feel things not normally felt by
most people.

Clairvoyant- Having the power to see objects or events that cannot be
perceived by the senses.

Collective Apparition - The witnessing of an apparition by two or more

Crisis Apparition - The appearance of an apparition within moments of a
crisis such as death, sudden illness or accident.

Deep Trance Medium- A psychic who allows a spirit to enter his/her body
so that a spirit may communicate with the living.

Demonic Spirit- An entity or spirit spawning from the devil that is or
was of this earth. They have the capability of human possession, and
the strength greater than any flesh and blood creature. Usually demonic
spirits are distinguished by their dark, or black masses of psychic energy.

Disembodied- Spirit functioning without a body.

Disembodied Voice- A voice heard that comes from no physical body. Also
known as EVP.

Doppelganger- A ghostly double of a living person, especially one that
haunts its fleshly counterpart.

Ectoplasm- A product of psychic energy which usually forms as a fog like
mist, solid white mass, or vortexes.

Electro-Magnetic Field Meter (EMF)- This tool detects the changes in the
Electro-Magnetic Field. This field is around everything, from TV’s to
power boxes. The normal reading for paranormal activity is between 2.0
and 8.0. Above this is usually man-made in origin.

ESP- Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses.

Ghost- The disembodied spirit or image of a dead person appearing to be
alive. Ghosts are the most common of the paranormal phenomenon. Ghosts
only have enough energy to show up as orbs in photos, or to make certain
personal items go missing.

Ghost Hunter - A person who uses standards set by researchers to search for
haunted areas, in probable locations such as cemeteries, abandoned buildings,
old churches, battle fields, old schools, etc.

Ghost Light - A ghost light is a light visible to the naked eye. It is
seen traveling in flight in a conscious manner, giving the appearance of
intelligence. They have been known to have a heat source when a person
gets close to them. They give off a feeling of a presence being near.
They vary in size and color. It is also believed to represent the living
soul of a deceased person.

Ghost Mist/Fog - This is a fog/mist appearance that shows up on photographs
and is not visible to the naked eye. A feeling of a presence, cold chill,
smell, and phantom footsteps are some of the senses that can be felt prior
to capturing these phenomena on photos. It is believed to represent the
gathering of spirits in one area. This could be two or more spirits in a
single location, emitting fog or mist type energy around where they are.

Guardian Angels- These are Angels who are assigned to protect all living
creatures. Each person is said to have his or her own Guardian Angel.

Haunted- A person or place to which spirits are attached. These spirits can
be human or inhuman in nature.

Haunting- State of existence under which a spirit, human or inhuman, has
attached itself to a person, place or area.

Oppression: The first stage of a haunting where the invading entity attempts
to gain access to the location or person targeted for victimization.

Human Spirit: The spirit of a person who has lived in the physical plane.
These spirits can be earthbound for a number of reasons.

Holy Water- Water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy. Holy water
is said to have the ability negate negative forces.

Infestation- A term used to describe the “moving in” of a malevolent entity.

Intelligent Haunting - When spirits seem to live in a specific area, and act
with free will, as well as show intelligence (i.e., not residual). Spirits
don't necessarily haunt the place they die at, but could haunt the most
comfortable place for them to stay (i.e., their old home). We are not quit
sure why these spirits are earthbound, yet.

Kinetic Energy - When spirits use their energy to move objects, throw things,
etc. This is very interesting phenomena.

Lucid dreams- The ability to control what happens in your dreams.

Levitation- The rising of an object or person by no visible means.

Malevolent- A malevolent spirit is one that wishes to harm the living.

Malicious- A spirit that is evil or spiteful. These spirits will destroy
things of personal or financial value for the sake of hurting others.

Manifestation- The appearance or taking form of an entity. Can also mean the
outbreak of activity.

Materialization- The deliberate, usually temporary, visible and/or physical
formation of a spirit.

Orbs- This is the most common type of spirit energy to be captured on film.
These will appear as solid or transparent "balls". They appear in many shapes
and some colors, with white being the most common.

Paranormal- Beyond the normal of human or scientific explanation.

Paranormal Investigation - The act of going to a supposedly haunted location,
gathering data such as photos, audio recordings, video, electromagnetic field
monitoring, etc., and summarizing your data in reports (which does include
psychic impressions, but are subjective data until proven otherwise). A true
investigator can't draw conclusions from one investigation; it may take several
investigations to decide on a site's activity.

Paranormal Researcher - Someone who uses their own theories/ideas to test new
research methods, protocols, and equipment. A true researcher is not biased to
an old idea, but works to disprove or prove further the old idea, to expand the
knowledge of the community. Typically, a researcher does not work to prove a
paranormal occurrence as genuine, but to disprove the occurrence legitimately.
Only when all possible false-positive contaminants have been ruled out can
something be defined as a true anomaly.

Parapsychology- Derived from the Latin word Para, which means beyond,
parapsychology literally means beyond psychology. It is generally defined as
the scientific study of paranormal phenomena.

Phantom- An apparition or specter. Existing only as an energy form.

Possession- An altered state of consciousness in which the conscious personality
of the individual is replaced with that of an other personality thought of as a
possessing entity.

Poltergeist- The name of unexplained rapping’s, noises and similar disturbances.
Poltergeists can break fragile items and set fire to pieces of furniture or clothing.

Premonition- Feeling or warning about a future event. This may be a vague feeling
or it can be quite specific.

PSI Ball- a ball of energy made by using Elemental energy.

Psychic- A person with the ability to see, hear and feel by use of senses other
than the natural senses.

Residual Haunting - Not technically referred to as a haunting, but more of an energy
imprint. When a spirit is seen doing the same thing at specific intervals
constantly. Perhaps the spirit is trapped repeating a specific moment in life, or
perhaps it is just a flash from the past during a traumatic moment in someone's life.

Shadow Ghost- A black, mist like spirit that has no discernable features. It is
usually demonic in nature and is sometimes described by witnesses as a "black shape".

Sixth Sense- The Sixth Sense is the colloquial term for the faculties of Extra
Sensory Perception. The Sixth Sense is the ability to receive or send information
beyond the realm of the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell.

Skeptic - One who instinctively doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or
generally accepted conclusions. In parapsychology, one who insists on ruling out
all possible natural causes for a phenomenon.

Solidification Of Air- The process by which spirits move physical objects.

Spirit - The principle force within a living being. The soul. Also, a supernatural

Supernatural- Events that have no natural explanation. Commonly refers to acts of
the divine but can also include extraordinary acts caused by negative forces.

White Noise - A hiss-like sound, formed by combining all audible frequencies. Often
used as a background to EVP recordings.

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